Island Wide Garage Sale


13th Annual

Island Wide Garage Sale

Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Rain Date: May 25th

To participate in this year’s sale, please fill out the registration form included in this edition of the Islander.  The form, along with your payment of $5.00 per family, may be dropped off at 318 Pine, or at City Hall, and we need to receive them by May 16th in order to guarantee that your location will be included on the map that is handed out the morning of the sale.  Registrations are required up to, and including, the day of the event, but registering early puts you on the map, plain and simple.

Your registration fee helps to pay for advertising and printing cost with any remaining funds going directly to the Civic Club.  Advertisements for the sale will appear in local publications, such as the Chronicle, the Daily News, South Shore Area Community Newsletter, American Classifieds, etc., and also online at  

The maps mentioned above listing individual sale locations will be handed out at City Hall.  The City Hall Parking Lot will also be the site where hot dogs, sausage-on-a-stick, baked goods, and beverages will be available for purchase, and on the north side of the Island as well.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help serve refreshments and/or hand out maps, please contact the Civic Club –

For general information please contact:

Bryan or Diana Hoerner




We have had more questions than normal about the Island-Wide Garage Sale and I think that can be attributed to the large number of new residents we have added in the last few years.

This is the 13th Annual and it will be held on Saturday, May 18th.

Here is a brief run down on the event just in case you were wondering:

  1. HOURS – the published hours are from 8 am – 2 pm. That does not mean you can’t start selling earlier and keep selling later. Those are simply the advertised hours and they were put in place to appease some of the complainers about people coming to the neighborhood too early or staying too late. You can set your own hours if you wish.  One cool thing to do is set up Friday night and let the locals have the first shot at your “treasures”.
  2. COST – the registration is $5 PER FAMILY. If you are participating in a multi-family sale at one location please make sure each family registers. Remember, all proceeds go directly to the Civic Club, and the money is used for other great events throughout the year, so please abide by this. The fee has not increased in 10 years and the publicity and large number of customers you get as a result of the overall event and advertising is well worth it. Registration forms can be found in the Islander and on the Civic Club website and should be dropped off, along with registration fee, at 318 Pine ASAP. There are also some blank registration forms there for your convenience.
  3. INDIVIDUAL PROCEEDS – you keep the money for everything you sell. You do not owe the Civic Club anything else other than the registration fee.
  4. REGISTRATION DEADLINE – there really is no deadline. You could decide the morning of the sale that you are going to participate and we would request that you pay the registration fee then. The only real deadline has already passed which was signing up the Wednesday night before the actual event (5/16) just to make sure your address gets printed on the official map. That gives us time on today and tomorrw to print the map and get copies made. Last year we handed out 600 maps. Even if you do not make the map you can still participate and you are still expected to register all the way up to, and including, the day of the sale. I will gladly come by your house to collect the registration fee if you have not already dropped it off at my house by then.
  5. SIGNS – we do not provide signs for individual sales, but it is highly recommended that you put a sign on your corner to guide buyers to your location. As mention above, we do hand out maps listing the address of all homes that signed up by the map deadline, but additional publicity never hurts.
  6. FOOD – refreshments are sold on the City Hall Parking lot.  Volunteers make all of that happen. Please visit those stations as all proceeds from refreshments sales go to the Civic Club as well.
  7. VOLUNTEERS – We couldn’t do it without them and we need a few more. We need help handing out maps and serving food. We typically sign up folks for 1 hour shifts between 9 and 2. Please let me know if you can help out.

That’s about it. If you have any other questions please let me l know.  It looks like the weather will be perfect again this year.

Bryan and Diana

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