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The Islander‘s New Online Advertising Program

Business Card Payments

1/4 Page Payments

1/2 Page Payments

Full Page Payments

Premium Page Payments

Once you’ve completed your payment.
Please email your completed artwork to

Artwork needs to be 300 dpi or above and
the correct size for the ad type you purchased.

Today more than 50% of buyers choices are influenced by the internet, so if you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to connect with your neighbors and local customers then the Islanders online advertising program offers  the biggest bang for your buck.

The number of hours that people spend using the Web has grown significantly as most users are connected through cell phones, computers, iPads, etc. throughout the day. Say goodbye to those expensive billboards and glossy print ads. Be visible where it matters, especially in our local community and across our social media pages.

The 5 most valuable benefits of advertising in the Islander:

  1. It offers more value for your advertising dollars.
  2. It provides active links to your current website, email or Facebook page.
  3. It is up and running 24/7 providing round-the-clock visibility.
  4. It is convenient for your audience as they can access your online ads as many times as they want and from anywhere.
  5. It has a faster and wider reach as you can connect with people outside of our community

With this in mind the Clear Lake Shores Civic Club has come up with a new advertising program for our online editions.


3 Mo. Price

6 Mo. Price

12 Mo. Price

Business Card

 $75  $135  $250

1/4 Page

 $130  $240  $460

1/2 Page

 $190  $350  $675

Full Page

 $390  $675  $1,300

Premium Full Page

 $415  $ 715  $1,375










All ads will now be in color at no additional charge.

We will included an active link to your website or Facebook page (search engines love this!!!) or an active email link to the account of your choice.

Besides being distributed to the CLS Civic Club members via email, we will also be posting the editions on the CLS Civic Club website AND on our Facebook page, thus increasing our readership and your viewership.

If you are interested in participating in our online advertising program. please pay for the ad size of your choice via PayPal, or mailing /dropping a check off at 923 Cedar Dr, Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Editor at