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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all inperson events have been cancelled.

Please help support Bay Area Pet Adoptions during this time by purchasing raffle tickets at:

Online Basket Raffle and Chinese Auction
We will have some extremely unique and valuable items available in our Online Basket Raffle.  Online Raffle donors will be featured on our website and depending on the value will qualify for Barktoberfest sponsorhips and benefits. Please visit our Silent Auction page for more information. 

What is a Chinese Raffle or Basket Raffle?

Many people refer to this kind of raffle as a Basket Raffle, Chinese Auction or Chinese Raffle.  The terms tend to vary depending on what part of the country you are from.  In a traditional raffle, you purchase a ticket or number of tickets and you are entered into the drawing.  A traditional raffle might have just 1 big prize or a handful of prizes, such as the Grand Prize, then 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize.  With an online Basket Raffle, there are an assortment of prizes.  You purchase a number of tickets and then you add those tickets to the various prize baskets you are interested in entering.  This is part of where the Chinese Auction name comes in.  You are basically bidding with your tickets for that prize.  The more tickets you enter in a specific prize basket the greater the odds are for winning that particular prize.  With a Basket Raffle, there tend to be a lot more winners.  You also get to put your tickets towards the prizes you are most interested in.







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